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“Today I raised my hand and volunteered to read out loud in class. My teacher almost fell out of her chair and didn’t believe I would do it. I read six pages out loud in class. My teacher was so proud and the other students told me ‘Way to go!’ I was really proud of myself.” 

~  Logan

“I didn’t know how much I loved to read because I hated it so much! I think I will be a tutor when I am bigger. I would be really good. Today in school I helped some kids read a word with 4 talking vowels.”  ~  Emma


“I hear my kids using strategies to figure out words. I am amazed! They don’t ask me to just tell them anymore. They read.”

“My son loves school now and has grown in confidence. He used to try to be sick every day and stay home from school. Now he is one of the most outgoing students in his class. We have seen a whole new personality in him since he has learned to read. He can hardly remember when he couldn’t read, he just remembers that he used to hate school and now he doesn’t. He can’t believe he struggled so much because now he thinks reading is easy!”

“Our daughter would not even pick up books because they were so frustrating for her. I thought I would be the only one in our family who would read for pleasure. But after less than a year, wants to read all the time! It is amazing that one of her favorite hobbies is something she almost missed out on for all of her life. So often as we sit together each reading our own book, I marvel at how fortunate we are to have found the Children’s Dyslexia Center. I cannot imagine our home without reading.”

A dad who is a successful business man struggled in school just like his son. He said he has taught his son to look people in the eye and be courteous, but it is something his son rarely did. Now, he sees confidence in his son and he always looks people in the eye when they speak. Dad said, “He is a completely different person than when he started here. Improving his reading has been a part, but there is so much more. I am so thankful, so thankful.”

Meet Jeremiah

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